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Parker is a kinetic artist, set designer, and mechanical engineer. His work questions digital technologies in contemporary music, art, and architectural practices; translating from the physical to the virtual. He believes these translations are not lossless, that what is vanished is a sense of presence, or what Walter Benjamin defines as object aura. The physical object is slowly tranquilized and replaced with less potent simulacra of itself.


Cybernetic algorithms have largely informed modern conceptions of intelligence, thus ignoring the ways in which naturally-occurring physical systems also form networks encoded with complex information. The quantization of analog information, from complex continuous data to discrete digital data, from unfiltered information to 1’s and 0’s, is a process which intentionally simplifies and restructures the natural world in order to increase accuracy and control. Parker's work seeks to voluntarily relinquish this computerized regulation in favor of an analog aesthetic.

More information about this research can be found at:

Interactive Architecture Lab

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